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A Ram and a Goat
Daniel (14 of 18)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 8

Daniel chapter 8 is one of the most remarkable chapters in all the Bible. It is a great proof for the inspiration of the Bible because what we have here is in the realm of predictive prophecy. This past Wednesday I talked about the prophecies in the Bible. Is Jesus the predicted Messiah? I gave a definition of what prophecy is. Prophecy is predicting future events with absolute accuracy.

In chapter 8 of the book of Daniel God gave a vision to Daniel. In this vision he sees future events and he sees them with absolute accuracy. This is one of the reasons, by the way, that the book of Daniel has been so attacked by the critics of the Bible. The critics of the Bible read the book of Daniel and recognize that if it is, as it purports to be, the Word of God, then what Daniel is doing is making predictions about future events with absolute accuracy. Mere men cannot write what we have here. Daniel did not have the wisdom or the skill to write what we have in these verses of chapter 8. He is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. God is giving to Daniel visions of events and world powers that will extend beyond his own day.

There are two main divisions of the book of Daniel. We need to keep this in mind at all times. The first 6 chapters of the book of Daniel hang together and they are primarily narrative in nature. They are the personal experiences and accounts of the life of Daniel and his three Hebrew friends. There is some exception to that as we'll notice in just a moment. But the first half has to do with personal narrative.

Beginning in chapter 7 and going to the end of the book of Daniel, we find ourselves in the area specifically of prophecy. There is some narrative here. There is some personal account given of Daniel, but primarily you have predictions about future events.

God gave to Daniel in these chapters, a series of visions and revelations of the world powers ...

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