by Jerry Vines

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Thrones and Kingdoms
Daniel (13 of 18)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 7:9-14, 25-28

God is giving to the prophet Daniel a series of prophecies which have to do with the end time. During the lifetime of Daniel, God gave him these prophecies which had to do with events which would begin in his lifetime but would extend far beyond his lifetime. In fact, it would go all the way to the end time. Daniel saw some things here that are yet to be fulfilled. Some of the things we will study about the prophecies of Daniel are past history for us, but when he wrote it, it was all future for him. Some of the things that Daniel says have to do with events that are yet to come in the future.

In the opening vision, which we find in this seventh chapter, God gave Daniel a series of visions of animals or of beast-like nations. There was the lion which represented the Babylonian Empire. There was the bear which represented the Medo-Persian Empire. There was the leopard which represented the Greek Empire.

In the seventh verse he tells about a fourth beast which is a representation of the Roman Empire. At the conclusion of the Roman Empire, Daniel says that he saw 10 horns and out of those 10 horns there was a little horn. The little horn is a prediction concerning the one described in the book of the Revelation, chapter 13, as the beast out of the sea. It is a description of the Antichrist.

In the midst of this, if our hearts may be troubled, and we may be concerned about the future of the world, God again gives us a very positive vision about God's sovereign plan and sovereign rule over the universe. One of the great themes of the book of Daniel is that God is on His throne in heaven, and God rules on the earth from the heavens.

Whatever you may see and however troubled you may be about the events of current affairs, just keep in mind, one of these days God is going to bring it all to conclusion. When it's all said and done, and when the dust is set ...

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