by Jerry Vines

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Can God Deliver? (11 of 18)
Series: Daniel
Jerry Vines
Daniel 6

I'm talking to you on the subject ''Can God Deliver?'' That's the great question, answered in this chapter. You may recall in our studies in the book of Daniel, Daniel came to Babylon, modern Iraq, when he was just a young man taken captive. He was placed in a special training program to prepare him for government service. We have followed the career of this young man all through the changing of a variety of governments. And as kings come and go and as governments come and go, the Bible says about Daniel that Daniel continued. I think about a verse in the New Testament when I think of that. First John, chapter 2, verse 17, says, ''And the world passes away and the lust thereof, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.'' Daniel, God's great man just continued and he moved right along.

Now we come to this Daniel, chapter 6, which I think probably is the most familiar chapter in all the Bible and in all of the book of Daniel. Over in our children's building, we have Daniel in a den of lions, and the children act it out. In this chapter which gives us the account of his being cast into the den of lions, there is a question which is raised in verse 20. You will notice in verse 20, just pulling the question out of that verse, here is the question. ''Is thy God able to deliver thee from lions?'' That, of course, is the great question, is it not? Is our God able to deliver?

When we study this chapter we're going to find that this chapter and the experience of Daniel is a great testimony to the power of our God to deliver. I don't know what you're going through. I don't know what den of lions you may be experiencing in your own life, but whatever it may be, God is able to deliver you. So let's just move through this chapter and I call your attention to first of the all,

I.The King's Decree
King Darius evidently was a very wise leader. He seemed to have some understanding of the basic ...

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