by Jerry Vines

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Weighed and Wanting
Daniel (10 of 18)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 5

We are going to study one of the most exciting, dramatic chapters in all of God's Word.

A change has occurred. Up until this time the king of Babylon has been Nebuchadnezzar. Now there is another king, Belshazzar. Daniel, chapter 5, records for us the downfall of the kingdom of Babylon. The head of gold, which God had revealed in the great image, is now going to be taken down. God is going to do just exactly what He said He would do.

Let me give you the setting of this fifth chapter. About twenty-three years have passed between what we find in the fourth chapter and what we find in this chapter. Daniel is now an old man. Some believe that he is in his late 80s. He has served God and lived for the Lord from the time that he was young until now the time he is old. The king is a man named Belshazzar. We are told in verse 2 that his father was Nebuchadnezzar. Actually the Hebrew word for father and grandfather are used interchangeably. Actually Belshazzar was the grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar. His father was a man named Nabonidus. For many years there was no evidence there every lived a man named Belshazzar. In fact, the liberals in earlier years, used to point out the mention of the name Belshazzar and say that was proof that the Bible had errors in it. They said there was no such man as Belshazzar. In 1854 a man named Taylor was excavating in southern Iraq in some ruins there. He discovered a number of cylinder tablets. On those tablets was cuneiform writing. In one of those tablets he found mention of Nabonidus and his eldest son, Belshazzar. Sooner or later God will always vindicate His Word. You can always put it down if God says it in the Bible. That is exactly the way it is.

Belshazzar was actually ruling alongside his father, Nabonidus. Nabonidus was a kind of odd, eccentric kind of guy. He liked to spend a lot of time doing other things and being away from the palace in Babyl ...

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