by Jerry Vines

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Decisions! Decisions! (3 of 18)
Series: Daniel
Jerry Vines
Daniel 1:8-21

Life is a series of decisions. What you are today, to a large degree is based upon the decisions you have made in the previous days. What you will be in the future will be determined largely by the decisions you make in your life today. Have you ever thought about it? Most of the life-determining decisions are made when you are young? Think about that for a moment. Most people receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior when they are young. You make decisions concerning who will be your friends when you are young. Normally you will pick who is going to be your life's mate when you are young. The vocation you pursue, what kind of work you are going to be doing, would normally be made when you are young. Most of the decisions of life are made when you are young. Daniel is a young man. He is in the land of Babylon now. He is in a strange atmosphere. He and his friends have come to a great crisis in their lives. They are going to be put into a three-year university course at the University of Babylon. At the end of that time their names will be changed. Their diet will be changed. The purpose is going to be that they will be completely changed, and they will be completely different people.

So here is the crisis which Daniel faces. He has to make a decision about what he is going to do concerning the king's meat and the wine which the king drinks.

Verse 8 tells us that Daniel came to a point of decision in his life. Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not. It was a crowning day in Daniel's life. If he had not made the decision he made in these verses, we would never have heard of him again. Daniel became the great man he was. Daniel was used remarkably by God because he made a decision that he would not.

I want us to learn from the example of Daniel. I pray that before we leave this service tonight to be what God wants you to be, to say yes to Jesus Christ and to say no to ...

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