by Jerry Vines

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Christian Youth and Pagan Schools
Daniel (2 of 18)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 1:3-7

I want to talk to you this evening about Christian youth and pagan schools. I don't suppose there is an area of family life which is as delicate and as important as the matter of the education of your children. It is a matter which every parent faces. We have a public school system in America. The majority of you are and have gone through public schools. Others of you have made the decision to put your young people in a private school. Maybe a private secular school. Others of you have made the decision that you want your young people to be in a private Christian school. There are some of you who have made the decision to home school your children. It is a very personal decision for a family. There is no right or wrong decision necessarily in the matter. It is something each family has to pray through and do what God wants YOU to do. You are not more worldly because you make one decision, nor are you more spiritual because you make a decision different from someone else. It is a personal decision by each individual family as you pray it through and seek to know what God's will is for your life.

I want to talk to you about the whole area of Christian youth and pagan schools. What does the book of Daniel have to do with a subject which is as current as this? How can we go back into an old dusty book in the Old Testament and find anything that can help us in this particular area today, especially in the 21st Century in secular America? I think you are going to find as we consider the verses I have read to you this evening that Daniel has a great deal to teach us. There is a great deal to be learned from the experience of Daniel.

You know the story of Daniel. It is a fairly familiar story for those of you that are conversant in any way with your Bible. Daniel was a young man who was carried away into captivity. We gave the background in the first two verses last week. It is ...

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