by Jerry Vines

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Who's in Charge?
Daniel (1 of 18)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 1:1-2

He was a young man living in the country where the true God was known. His country was invaded by pagan terrorists. They besieged and conquered the country. He, along with some of the choicest young people of that country, were carried away captive into the land of Iraq, there to live for the rest of their lives.
There to live and to serve in the service of four successive kingdoms over a period of about 60 years.
I'm not talking about a modern day young person. I'm talking about a man named Daniel in the Old Testament. A man whose name is given as the title for the name of this book we are studying. Evidently, this man Daniel is the man inspired by the Holy Spirit to write what we find in the book of Daniel.

Daniel is one of the most interesting and one of the most essential books in all of the Bible. Daniel is to the Old Testament what Revelation is to the New Testament. You cannot really understand the one without the other. When you study the book of The Revelation, you invariably go to the book of Daniel. When you study the book of Daniel, you invariably go to the book of The Revelation.

When Daniel was a teenage boy, he was carried away from his homeland into a strange land. He never returned again. We might think what a terrible, terrible turn of circumstances! Does God really care for a boy He allows something like this to happen to? Yet, when you read the book of Daniel, you will discover that three times we are told that Daniel is greatly beloved. Greatly loved of God!

What a strange situation! A boy who is greatly loved by God and yet he is carried away from his homeland and becomes a captive and lives there for the rest of his life.

The book of Daniel! What a fascinating book is this book of Daniel! There have been many who have attacked the book of Daniel. Almost every book of the Bible has been attacked by the critics. But there are some books that have been the o ...

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