by Daniel Rodgers

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Think on These Things (14 of 15)
The Book of Philippians: A Verse By Verse Study
Dan Rodgers
Philippians 4:8, 9


In our lesson last week (vv. 5-7) we looked at three points, as we considered the message; "Prayer and the Peace of God." The three points were: The Importance of Behavior, The Absence of Anxiety and The Promise of Peace.

This evening we will continue with (vv. 8, 9), as we "Think On These Things." Let me give you three points:

I. The Thoughts We Think
II. The Things We Learn
III. The Things We Do

I. THE THOUGHTS WE THINK (VS. 8b), "Think on these things."

COMMENTARY: The word "think" (logizomai PWS: 3963) means to consider, reflect, reason, and ponder. The idea is that of focusing our thoughts until they shape our behavior. The truth is:
* What we think is what we become.
* Where we have kept our minds is where we are.
* Our thoughts shape our behavior.
* What we do is what we think.

QUOTE: William Barclay says, "It is a law of life that, if a man thinks of something often enough and long enough, he will come to the stage when he cannot stop thinking about it. His thoughts will be quite literally in a groove out of which he cannot jerk them." 1

Two points:

The source of our thoughts. Let me just begin by saying, there are two sources in life from which we derive every thought that is placed in our minds: One is Satan and the other is God. It is either the influence of world and the devil, or it is the power of God and His righteousness. Our minds are developed from the time we are born. And let me add, dads (this coming Sunday is Father's Day), the devil will not wait until you child has reached adulthood to work on his mind. He begins at birth. That's why it is so vitally important for godly parents to begin teaching and nurturing the minds of their children at birth--even before birth.

It has been proven that a baby--while yet in the womb can be positively or negativ ...

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