by Stan Coffey

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The Canon of the New Testament (3 of 5)
Series: How Do We Know For Sure That the Bible Is God's Word?
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 2:19-20

We are studying about the canon of the Bible, "How Do We Know For Sure That The Bible Is God's Word." I know that most of you in here this morning just accept by faith that the Bible you have in your hand is God's Word. And I know that I do and that is good enough for me. But sometimes it is good just to go back and look at history and see how we got our Bible. And when we study how our Bible came to be, how the Bible was put together, it doesn't take away from our faith but it strengthens our faith, because we see God's hand in miraculously preserving the Scripture.

Today we want to talk about the canon of the New Testament. Last week we talked about the canon of the Old Testament. The word canon refers to a group of books. It actually is a word that means to measure. The Greek word means a reed or a rod that was used to measure. We think about when you measure acreage rods, so many rods, measure it. And in the Old Testament, the ancient times, they measured by an instrument called a rod. Well the canon is a measure of Scripture. It is how they determined which books belonged in the Bible. And you may say, why is it that some Bibles have more books than other Bibles? And we will talk about that next week. About why 66 books are in most Bibles but some have additional books between the old testament and the New Testament that are called the apocrypha. What about the apocrypha and what are the books in the apocrypha and what are their significance and why aren't they in all Bibles?

We talked about how the Old Testament came to be and we began to talk about the New Testament and how it came to be. And we had particularly talked about God's method in bringing Scripture to us. First of all we said that the Bible was revelation. It is revelation of God of Himself to mankind. It is God's way of revealing Himself. And He did it gr ...

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