by Jerry Branch

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Kingdom People Can Have God's Calming-Effect
Kingdom People (6 of 6)
Gerald D. Branch
Matthew 8:23-27

There was a great calm

Here is an instruction on how to react to hungry pythons, as given to Peace Corpsmen serving in Brazil -- "Remember not to run away, the python can run faster. The thing to do is to lie flat on the ground on your back with your feet together, arms at your side, head well down. The python will then try to push its head under you, experimenting at every possible point. Keep calm (that was underscored). "You must let him swallow your foot. It is quite painless and it will take a long time. If you lose your head and struggle, he will quickly whip his coils around you. If you keep calm and still, he will go on swallowing. Wait patiently until he has swallowed up to about your knee. Then carefully take out your knife and insert it into the distended side of his mouth and with a quick rip slit him up."
(Resource, Sept./Oct., 1992, p. 2)

Is there an area in your life that you need some sort of calming power?

Are you upset over your future? Are you upset over your family? Are you upset over your work?
Where can you go to find the 'calming-effect' for your life right now?

As surprising as it may seem to some people, believe it or not, Jesus Christ IS STILL in the miracle business, and providing the 'calming-effect' is a true miracle.

Perhaps you've got some doubt that Jesus is still doing miracles, perhaps because you haven't had one recently, or maybe you've NEVER had one...God...Jesus Christ, has not changed...God is still in the signs and miracle-working business.

Did you ever notice how the real crisis-of-faith...the real life-crisis situations, don't just come creeping into our lives? Our passage is good reminder...look in V. 24..It very accurately describes how calm-wrecking things come into our lives... "suddenly, it says, a violent storm arose on the sea so that the boat was being swamped by the waves."

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