by Jerry Branch

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One Day, What Will We Say?
Kingdom Living (4 of 6)
Gerald Branch
Romans 14:7-13

Verse 7 clearly tells us that none of us lives just to ourselves. There is more about life than what there is down here on earth. There's more about life than families; There's more about life than jobs; There's more about life than counting our aches and pains.

v. 10 gets quite explicit. It says, one day we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. We will all give an account according to v. 12. Each one of us will give an account of himself to God...

For that reason, I must ask, One day, what will we say? I am bringing a message to you that God has burdened me with, and God has impressed upon me that now is the right time.

A Couple I begin this morning. This message will probably step on some toes. It may hit pretty close to some heart issues that some of you are dealing with, or trying to avoid. So, it may be ONE that after I get done saying what the Lord has given me for us today, that some of you will not want to change nor pay the price that following the Lord demands, may not want me around any more.

But what I pray for, though, is that the Holy Spirit takes it straight arrow to our hearts, and we do two things today. One, we hear what God is saying to all of us, and two, that we do something about it...heed what God is speaking to us through me today. With that, let's go to the Lord in prayer and prepare our hearts to receive His Word today.

Two, I'm calling for us as a body and as individuals, to ask God's forgiveness and that we repent before the Lord for our sins of neglect and disobedience. I truly would trust that during the response time, we fill the altar this morning, asking God's forgiveness, and receiving His mercy, and being refreshed and renewed.

Then, Third, I'm calling for us as a body, and individuals, to take the steps in our personal lives and in our church life, to both change and to begin obeyin ...

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