by Jerry Branch

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Listen to God
Kingdom Seekers (3 of 6)
Gerald D. Branch
Isaiah 55:3-6

Listen FOR God attentively (not just when convenient). We'll explore just what attentive listening is.

Kingdom seekers are good witnesses. What is a witness? Why should we be good witnesses? Because God has made a covenant (the NEW Covenant for us). Because He has shown mercies towards us. And Kingdom seekers understand there is an Urgency of seeking God NOW. Isn't He there for us when we need Him? Why get excited about seeking and calling on Him? Where is 'Near'...where He is working. see His Hand doing MIGHTY things.

3 "Incline your ear and come to Me. Listen, that you may live; Did you ever stop to think that God created us in a very special way that He did? You know, He gave us two hands. And because of that, we can pick up heavy items; we can hoe out weeds; and we can eat faster.

God also gave us two legs and two feet. And because of the way He made us, we can walk, and run, and we don't have to move about by hopping like a pogo-stick.

He also gave us a mouth. And with that mouth, we're able to talk, and eat, and drink, and we can even use it to breathe through when we have a real bad head cold, or our sinuses stop up our noses.

And He gave us two ears...and because of that, we can hear in stereo, as well as hear from different directions.

And like the old cliché goes, He gave us two ears and one mouth so we'd spend more time listening and less time talking.

And when it comes to listening...IF we truly care about listening to God and what He has to say to us, then we will in fact 'incline our ears' to Him.

I want us to first look at the fact that the Word of God here in this passage, tells us there is a serious urgency for us to listen.

If you are a Kingdom Seeker, you'll know there is an Urgency in seeking God NOW.

Some Christians who are operating apart from the Word of God, or are operating out of the world's wisdom, would argu ...

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