by Jerry Branch

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Responding to the Dinner Bell...Kingdom Seekers get a free meal!
Kingdom Seekers (2 of 6)
Gerald Branch
Isaiah 55:1-2

I can still remember working summers on my grandparents' farm. Like all farm work, it was physically hard, and it never took long to work up a good appetite. And maybe I'm a bit prejudiced, but I still think my Grandmother was one of the best cooks that ever lived. She could fix some of the best tasting fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and strawberry shortcake with real fresh cream that you could put into your mouth. And when my Grandfather and I were out in one of the pastures, out cultivating the corn, I can still remember that wonderful sound of grandma ringing that old dinner bell that was up on a pole outside the farmhouse. Grandpa and I and the farm hands, would not waste any time coming back to the farmhouse.

There are several things this passage reminds of...
1. God is issuing an invitation to everyone
2. God gives only the best completely satisfies
3. There are no substitutes
4. God wants us to have His soul-food in abundance.

This IS really good news! Right up front, is this awesome invitation. Everyone...everyone.Everyone who thirsts...COME!

What is this saying to us? "Who is God giving this invitation to?" Let's look at that, and see what it shows us. But to put it in proper context, you have to remember the hardships that the people were going through back in Isaiah's day of ministry. They were under siege. Water and food were in short supply. And for the most part, the leaders, with rare exception, were all corrupt, and willing to make a deal with the devil if it would keep them in their comfort. So here are God's people who are suffering physically, as well as being spiritually hungry.

And through the prophet, Isaiah, God calls out to them...HO, there! He is trying to get their attention, because He has such a great offer for them. What a shame sometimes that ...

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