by Stan Coffey

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Improving Your Love Life (10 of 10)
What to Do When We Feel Like Giving Up
Stan Coffey
1 Corinthians 13:8

I want to talk today about "What To Do When We Feel Like Giving Up." We have been studying I Corinthians 13 and this will be the last in this series of messages. And if you will turn in your Bible to I Corinthians 13 and then I want us to go to Nehemiah. You will remember that when we talked about love is patient. In verse 6, we pointed out Job, the patience of Job is an example of how love behaves patiently and endures all kinds of suffering.

Today I want us to see how love applies and motivates us and impels us and keeps us going when we would like to give up. And when everything in us cries out to give up and we come to our wits end and we want to give up on our marriage, or we want to give up in the Christian life or we want to give up in the church or we want to give up in our job or in the task God has given us. Maybe you are a student and sometimes maybe you just want to drop out of school because sometimes you feel defeated and you just want to give up. The one thing about love is that love is a tremendous power that will motivate you and impel you and keep you on the road of serving God when nothing else will. That is what love is all about. Love is not some sentiment, it is not some emotion that we work up, and it is not some feeling. Love is commitment. That is why many marriages fail today, because husbands and wives, moderate husbands and wives, don't seem to understand that love continues and is committed in both the good and the bad times, in both prosperity and adversity, and it takes a tremendous commitment of two people, not just one, but two people for love to win out. Both of them have to be committed to love in that kind of way.

What is he saying here? He is saying you cannot build your Christian life on the strength of gifts. You cannot build a church on the strength of the exercise of gifts apart from love. B ...

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