by Stan Coffey

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Improving Your Love Life (4 of 10)
Series: Getting Ego Out of The Way
Stan Coffey
1 Corinthians 13:4

Today I want us to look at I Corinthians 13 and we are talking about love, the love chapter. In this series of messages on the love chapter we have been talking about the importance of relationships and how love should dominate all of our relationships, in the home, in the church, in business, wherever we are. The bible says the greatest of these is love. You can have gifts, knowledge, wisdom, you can be able to perform miracles, but if you don't have love God says you missed it; it amounts to nothing, it amounts to zero. And I pray the Lord will use these messages on love to show us once again how love behaves, because we want to be a loving church. We want to reflect His love toward one another because Jesus said; ''by this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.'' People will know you are real, they will know what you have is genuine; they will know that you have a walk with God. So today, we want to look again at this chapter and I want to speak today on ''Getting Ego Out of the Way.''

Love is not proud. We are living in a culture in which image is every thing. I want you to finish these sentences - you fill in the blank. You have got to look out for number one. You have to learn how to blow your own horn. Sometimes you have to beat your drum. How many times do you hear those kinds of statements in society? I have to do what is best for ME. As a counselor or a minister I hear it over and over again, it doesn't matter what God says or what effect it has on others, I have to do what is best for ME. That is the society in which we live so we win through intimidation that is a book title; we dress for success that is a book title; we are obsessed with how we look to other people. It literally has captured our society and those of you who have elementary or middle school children or high school or even college children know t ...

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