by Stan Coffey

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Improving Your Love Life (1 of 10)
The Priority of Love
Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 13:1-3, 14:1

We are starting a brand new series from I Corinthians entitled "Improving Your Love Life." Now young people and singles don't get too excited it might not do all that much but it will help you spiritually, I guarantee you. Because we are going to talk about what the bible says is the indispensable quality that every Christian must have if they are to be pleasing to the Lord. And as we preach these messages we are leading up to Valentine's Day and as we come to that time we are going to be having a love feast here, an agape feast, which means these are feasts that celebrate the love that Jesus has for us and the love that is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit that we have for one another. And we are going to break the bread of the Lord's Supper together and the cup together and this will be the week following Valentine's Day. These messages will help to set the tone and help to communicate what I believe God would have us to be aware of right now during this time.

Now today I would like to begin by asking you to answer a question in your own mind and heart, if I were to ask you to complete this sentence, how would you complete it? "My aim in live is..." If you had to boil it down to one word, my aim in life is success, my aim in life is fame, my aim in life is approval, my aim in life is achievement, and my aim in life is wealth. What would it be if you had to say my aim in life is? You see you aim in life your priority determines your life principle. And everybody has a life principle whether they realize it or not. And this life principle directs them as they confront the choices that they see throughout their daily life. Their choices are determined by their life principle. For example, my life principle is to have fun and I have hedonistic toward life and I say I am going to do that which is the most pleasure to me and that which is the ...

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