by Jesse Hendley

The Unknown God Making Himself Known
Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 17

The ancient Athenians raised an altar to an Unknown God, and Paul standing on Mars Hill said, "HIM do I declare unto you. I make known this Unknown God unto you." He told them God was the Creator of all human beings on the face of the earth.

He told them why God created men: that they might seek after Him and find him.

He showed that every man has the capability of knowing and understanding God because we are His offspring.

He said that God gave one command to every human being, and that command was to repent, and repentance simply means, "Turn to Me. Come to Me." That is what repentance means: to turn around and come to God.

We found that God is warning people about the Appointed Day, toward which all human history is moving rapidly, and that is the Day of Judgment.

Not only is the Day appointed, but the Man is appointed Who will do the judging---none less than Jesus Christ, Who Himself became a Man and died to save every human soul. If we do not accept Christ as our SAVIOUR, then we must face Him as our JUDGE. Jesus Christ will be one or the other to every human soul. He will either be Saviour or He will be Judge.

Jesus Christ has already taken our place as a criminal. He died in our place. It is like a man sentenced to the electric chair, and the judge climbs down off the bench and goes to the chair in the criminal's place, and the criminal goes free. That is exactly what Jesus did for us. But in this case, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He will be the Judge of those who do not accept Him as Saviour and Lord. God has appointed a day when He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man Whom He hath ordained. So no human being will be able to say, "Well, God, You are God and I am just a man. You are incapable of sympathizing with me. If You were a man, you would sympathize with me"

That will not be true, because God has come down and BECOME MAN and has taken man's sin, ...

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