by Jesse Hendley

The Terrible Fall of a Godly Woman: Miriam
Jesse M. Hendley
Numbers 12

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like for you to turn with me to Numbers, the 12th chapter. I want to speak to you about A WOMAN, a woman whose name was MIRIAM, a woman upon whom God's terrible JUDGMENT struck. My subject is "The Terrible Fall of a Godly Woman," or "God's Terrible Judgment Upon a Godly Woman."

You know, in my ministry I have met all types of people. No minister can fail to be criticized. Nobody can, for that matter. Every person has some critics. Many people have made remarks about THE SERIOUSNESS of our message.

Well, I want to remind you, friends, and I want to show you today in this study of the Word of God, that our relationship to God IS SERIOUS. Life is SERIOUS. You can't avoid it. You can't laugh it off. Death is SERIOUS. Meeting God is a very SERIOUS matter.

There are a lot of false ideas going around. But don't judge THE BIBLE by the false ideas of men. Don't judge by modern RELIGIOUS ideas, untested by the Word of God. Rather, judge THE IDEAS that are going around, BY THE BIBLE. Don't let anybody read your Bible FOR you; you may find yourself siding with men rather than with God! We are going to meet GOD, not MEN, and not the IDEAS of men.

Let me remind you also that THE BIBLE WILL STAND when its critics are dead and gone. These critics of the Bible MUST MEET THE GOD OF THE BIBLE with their "criticisms" at the end of life's journey. That is one of the teachings of the Book of Job. You remember the speeches of the three friends of Job? My, they talked about "God," you know, "theology and religion", and they talked on and on and on about God and His dealings with mankind. Job talked, too! But, at the end of the book, God JUDGED these three so-called friends for SAYING THE WRONG THINGS ABOUT HIM, but Job, God said, said the RIGHT things about Him. Which means that God is interested in what we SAY. God HEARS what we say. And God passes judg ...

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