by Jesse Hendley

The Sweetness of the Bible
Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 119

There's absolutely nothing on earth like the Bible. If you take the Bible away, the light goes out. We are left without hope. There would be no real, accurate knowledge of God, assurance of a future life, heaven, the forgiveness of sins and a perfect life.

The Psalmist in chapter 119 gives us one of the greatest utterances in literature in the realm of man's thoughts in the entire Bible. It is the greatest outpouring of love and respect for the wonder, authority and preciousness of the Bible in print. There are 176 verses in this great utterance, each one of them full of praise to God for the Bible! There are 22 stanzas, eight verses each, all with the subject of the Wonder of the Bible. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Each stanza represents one of these letters. In stanza A there are eight lines and each line begins with an A. The next eight lines, stanza B, all begin with a B. The next eight lines all begin with a C, and so forth, on through to Stanza 22.

The Psalm is in praise of God's Law. The word LAW (Hebrew, Torah) means "Instruction." All through the Bible God has given us instructions as to the kind of life He wants us to live, the will of God for our lives. When we are saved and receive Jesus as our Savior, God put A BOOK in our hand with His mind, thought, plans, purposes, love, heart, and warnings.There are various words used for these instructions of God. LAW, WORD, PROMISE, COMMANDMENTS, STATUTES, JUDGMENTS, PRECEPTS, TESTIMONIES, WAYS, all of these representing God's thoughts He presents to us.The very first word is "Blessed." The blessed man walks (lives) in God's Word. This is an expansion of Psalm l in which He tells us that the blessed man meditates in God's Word day and night. So this instruction means ALL God's revelation. It is to be the guide of our lives. It is absolutely authoritative. No one is to question what the Bible says, only understan ...

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