by Jesse Hendley

The Strength of the Christian Life
Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 6:10-18

The Lord tells us in John 15 that Christians are to abide in Him, as the branch abides in the vine. So many people think that the end of the Christian life is when you accept Jesus and join the church. It isn't. That is just the beginning of the Christian life. We want to LIVE the Christian life. That is the thing that is needed today, THE LIVING of the Christian life. Much of the Bible it taken up with the necessity of coming to Christ to be saved, but much of the Bible also is taken up with the DEVELOPMENT of the Christian life, the LIVING of the Christian life. The Bible is very practical. There isn't anything impractical about the Bible. It works. We'll all have to say that today what is needed more than anything else is REAL LIVING FOR THE LORD, THE TRUE CHRISTIAN LIFE.

In Ephesians 6, verses 10-18, we have The Source of Strength for living the Christian life.

Weakness No Excuse

God commands us to be strong! We haven't any right to be weak. "Finally, brethren, BE STRONG in the Lord." Paul is writing to the Ephesian Christians. Paul is giving a remarkable study here. "Be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might." Notice the words, "strong . . . power might" in that one sentence. This passage leaves us no right to be weak.

There is a pious idea which is just an excuse and God will not accept it. "Well, I am weak." What a person ought to admit is, "I am not studying the Bible, not praying, not witnessing, not winning souls for Jesus." To say we are weak is just an excuse and we are wrong. That is no excuse. We ought to be strong; God COMMANDS us to be strong!

God's Power Available

The men of the Bible were strong because they were IN THE LORD. It wasn't in their own strength that they became strong. They became strong IN THE LORD, and that is the only way you and I can become strong.

All of God's Almighty Power and Resources are at the disposal of the child ...

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