by Stan Coffey

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Keep On Believing! (12 of 12)
How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Stan Coffey
Galatians 6:9

This morning if you have your Bible I want you to turn to the book of Galatians chapter 6, we are going to look at verse 9. Today I am concluding a series of messages entitled turning your dreams into reality. And what I want to do today in this final message of this series is wrap up all of the Bible characters and the Bible stories and examples and principles that God has given us in this particular series of messages about how to turn dreams into reality. In Galatians 6, Paul is writing to the church at Galatia and he is encouraging the believers to not give up, to go forward to keep on keepin' on. They are going through difficult times. There is not only a recession, but there is persecution, there are all kinds of problems. And there is always the danger that they will not press on to be all God wants them to be. And so he tells them the Christian is like sowing and reaping. There is a time when you sow the seed of faith, and then there is a time when God gives you the harvest of reality. And he says in between time, you have to keep on. Look at what he says in verse 9.

And folks this is one of the greatest promises in all the Bible. What he is saying is this, keep on believing. When circumstances are hard, when circumstances seem to contradict God's promise, keep on believing. When you are tired and weary in the midst of the battles of life, keep on believing. Keep on having faith in God. Keep on, don't give up, don't give up on that marriage, don't give up on that home, don't give up on those kids, don't give up in that difficult situation in your job, don't give up in that struggle, keep on believing because in due season we shall reap if we faint not. There is no question about it, if we do not give up, we will press on and God will give us a marvelous victory.

I wonder this morning how many are about ready to give up? I wonder how many ...

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