by Stan Coffey

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Succeeding In Spite Of Your Circumstances (11 of 12)
How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Stan Coffey
Genesis 45:4-11

If you have your Bible, I want you to turn again to the book of Genesis chapter 45. This morning we are going to speak on "Succeeding In Spite Of Your Circumstances." Everyone who has ever succeed has had circumstances that were unfavorable to overcome and to deal with. Now, one of the problems and one of the reasons we get depressed is because we feel we are the only ones in that situation. We feel that if circumstances were just right, then we could have been more successful. If circumstances had not been so unfavorable, if there had not been so many things against us, we feel that somehow life could have turned out different. But the story of Joseph shows us that it is our character not our circumstances that determines our success. It is our character, not our circumstances that determines our success. And no matter how dismal your circumstances may be, no matter how insurmountable they may seem to you, God can cause you to succeed in spite of those negative circumstances.

Now in the book of Genesis the story of Joseph runs all the way from chapter 37 through chapter 50, through the end of the book so we will not have time to read all about it in God's word toady but I hope you will permit me in a narrative form to share with you in just a moment some of the things that Joseph faced and a little bit about his life.

In chapter 45, Joseph has become the second in command in all the land of Egypt. He is second only to the Pharaoh, he is in charge of all the treasuries of Egypt and his brothers who thirty years before had sold him into slavery have now been brought before him with their hands out asking for help. Now these brothers just now realize who he is because they supposed that he was either dead or gotten somewhere in a slave camp and they have just recognized who he is.

Then look at chapter 50, again Joseph is rec ...

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