by Stan Coffey

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How To Stay Calm In A Crisis (9 of 12)
How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Stan Coffey
Acts 27:9-11, 18-25, 29

If you have your Bible I want you to turn to Acts 27. I talked for several Sundays about turning dreams into reality. And again this morning I want to think about that theme. All of us have dreams and goals and hopes for life. Things that we want to see happen in our family and in our own life. And God says that through His power, if we follow His plan we can turn dreams into reality. But one of the things that happens sometimes, storms come and they dash upon the ship of life and they threaten to tear the ship apart and we feel we are going under and we don't know how these dreams can become reality. So I want to talk today about "How To Stay Calm In A Crisis." Acts 27 is the story of Paul's journey to Rome. He is going as a prisoner. He doesn't want to go, he has warned them not to go. He has warned them that if they go at that particular time there will be trouble, but they don't listen to the advise of the apostle Paul. And they set sail anyway. And they found themselves in the midst of a storm. Let's look at verse 9, chapter 27 and keep your Bibles open to this chapter because we will be referring to it.

Why does God put stories such as this in the Bible? It is not just because He needed some filler to fill the Bible up, but He does it for examples unto us. The Bible says all the things that happened to Bible characters happened as examples for us. That means this story is in the Bible to teach us a lesson. And I think the primary lesson of this passage is to teach us what to do when the storm comes, how to stay calm in the midst of a crisis. The Bible says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for reproof, for instruction, in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect or complete full and furnished unto all good works. So here is a passage of scripture today that can help you if you ar ...

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