by Stan Coffey

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How To Possess Your Future (8 of 12)
How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Stan Coffey
Joshua 1:1

I want you to take God's word and turn to Joshua chapter 1. In a series of messages that I have not completed but will be soon, I have been talking about turning your dreams into reality. Long ago God spoke to a man named Joshua and He used the words prosper and success. Now if you read books that are written today you will read much about how to prosper and succeed in life to succeed in business. God's word is the original book about how to succeed, amen? The principles of success are there for life. And for true prosperity in business or true prosperity in the work of God you find the formula in the word of God. Now when God talks about success and prosperity it is a little bit different than the world. Because God is talking about finding and doing His will. Success for a Christian is finding the will of God then doing the will of God. And it brings great blessing and happiness and joy. So I want us to look at Joshua chapter 1 and begin in verse 1 and I want us to look at "How To Possess Your Future." God has a tremendous plan for your life. I mentioned the verse where Paul said, "eyes not seen, ears not heard, it is not even entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him." It is so wonderful, so high above anything we could conceive for ourselves that we would be amazed if we could see the blessings that God has for us. And so God tells us in this chapter how to possess those blessings. The promises of God have to be claimed and the blessings of God have to be possessed. They are like that Promised Land. They came to the edge of the Promised Land and God said I have given it to you but you have got to go in and you have got to possess it. You have got to lay hold on it. And the blessings of God are that way; they are for people who know how to lay hold on them by faith.

Now Joshua is one of my favori ...

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