by Stan Coffey

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Gone With The Wind (5 of 12)
How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Stan Coffey
Acts 1:4,8; 2:1-8

This morning if you have your Bible I want to invite you to Acts 2 and begin reading in verse 1. Actually I want you to turn to Acts 1 we are going to read a couple of verses there then we will go to Acts 2. As you know I have been preaching on turning your dreams into reality. And I have a dream for our church and that is that this church would filled with compassion, filled with love, filled with faith, filled with a vision to reach this community for Christ, amen? And we are going to do that, not with our own power, but it is going to take the power of God. So I want to speak today on this subject, "Gone With The Wind."

Now this particular passage of scripture beginning in Acts 1 gives us the occasion of Jesus' ascension. Jesus had been raised from the dead for forty days. He had walked and talked with His disciples. He appeared to over 500 of them at one single time. And Jesus during that time did three things. Number one, He convinced them beyond any shadow of doubt that He was alive from the dead. And secondly, He comforted them concerning their future. And then thirdly, He commissioned them to go into all the world and preach the gospel. And on that day on the Mount of Olives these disciples were gathered around the Lord Jesus and had Jesus been a modern day, psychological motivator, that would have been the time for Jesus to have said to them, now men and women you see that I am alive from the dead, I have conquered the grave and now go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. But in verse 4, the Bible reveals that Jesus did not say to them at that time, go, go, go, but rather He said to them wait, wait, and wait. Don't build a church, don't go out on visitation, and don't attempt to win a soul, wait for the Promise of my Father. In Luke's gospel, He said, tarry unto you be endued with power from on high. Now liste ...

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