by Stan Coffey

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The Cradle, The Cross, The Crown (4 of 4)
God's Christmas Gifts
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 9:6-7

There are three great symbols of Christmas. They are the cradle, the cross, and the crown. I don't know if you have thought about those as symbols of Christmas. Certainly we have thought about the cradle or the manger as a symbol of Christmas. We see the manger everywhere at this time of the year. But we don't need to forget at this of the year the cross or the crown. Because the cross and the crown are equally as important in the story of Christmas as is the cradle. The cradle was the beginning, but the cradle led to the cross and to the crown. You know even in the story of the manger, the cradle, the manger was the cradle of Jesus. They made His first bed in a manger; they saw Him in a manger in swaddling clothes for there was no room in the Inn. And even that place where Jesus lay spoke of the cross or the sacrifice, because all around Him was the story of sacrifice. There were the animals there that were used as sacrifices in the temple. The animals there around the area of Bethlehem were being raised for the purpose in many cases, of being sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem only a few miles away. The hay around the manger had to be sacrificed, it had to die and it had to be food for the animals, that the animals might be nourished. So everything spoke of the sacrifice that Jesus would make. That this baby was born for a purpose. He was born for the cross. But the cross would not be the end, the cross would be to die for the sins of the world but that would only lead to the resurrection and ultimately to the crown. That Jesus would victoriously rise from the dead and one day would sit at the right hand of the Majesty on high and all things would be delivered by the Father unto Him. Now you see it all in Isaiah 9:6-7, seven hundred years before Christ was born, he predicted exactly how Jesus would come and the significance of His birth. Now if a ...

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