by Jerry Vines

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Every Day in Every Way (10 of 10)
Jerry Vines
Leviticus 24-27

We are going to look at the remaining chapters in a survey fashion. The book of Leviticus is a book of worship. It tells us how we can have a relationship with God. The opening 17 chapters of Leviticus have sacrifice as their theme. You see all of the Old Testament sacrifices, all of the offerings that were to be made, all of the requirements which were necessary for the people to be able to approach a holy God. We know that they had to do it on the basis of the shedding of blood. You and I know that all of this was fulfilled in the Lord Jesus when He died on the cross. In His death and in the shedding of His blood, He opened up the way of access to God. Jesus said in John 14, verse 6, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes unto the Father but by me."

If you want to have a relationship with God, you have it through the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the basis of our relationship with God.

We have looked at all these sacrifices. We don't do these sacrifices because Jesus fulfilled them all on the cross of Calvary. In just a few days our Jewish friends will observe the Passover feast. When they observe it as they observe it today, there will be no priest. There will be no lamb. There will be no blood. All of that was fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only when people come to know Him that indeed they have experienced a Passover.

The last section of the book of Leviticus talks about how to have fellowship with this God. The majority of us are believers. You have come into a relationship with God on the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. But God wants us to have fellowship with Him. God wants us to know Him in our daily experience. The word which guides the direction of these concluding chapters is the word "separation." God says, "Be ye holy, for I am holy." We have been following this practical part, and we come now to chapters 24 through 27 which ...

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