by Jerry Vines

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God's Spring Festivals (8 of 10)
Jerry Vines
Leviticus 23

We are going to spend two Wednesday nights studying this chapter of Leviticus. God has some spring festivals we are going to study about tonight. Next Wednesday night we are going to study about God's fall festivals in Leviticus 23.

Do you live by a calendar? My life is pretty well governed by the calendar. I have one of these Palm Pilots with a calendar. I use a little stylus, and I can push a button and it brings up a calendar. I can hit a button and it tells me every appointment I had today. It tells me what I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow. It tells me what is going to happen Sunday. I live by a calendar. I would say that many of you do also.

We operate on the basis of the Gregorian calendar. That means there are 365 days in the year with the exception of Leap Year. The Jews also had a calendar. In fact, they really had two calendars. They had an agricultural calendar, but they also had a religious calendar. It is this religious, this spiritual calendar, that God has given through Moses to the children of Israel in this book about how to worship the Lord.

We also have a spiritual calendar. Some denominations have a more extensive spiritual calendar than we do. For instance, we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ on December 25. We celebrate the resurrection of the Lord on what we call Easter Sunday. These are dates that are marked on our Gregorian calendar, which are religious in nature.

God gave the children of Israel some dates. God is saying, "I have some important dates I'm going to put on your calendar." These are going to be festivals, feasts, of the Lord and they will be holy convocations. They will be sacred assemblies, special times when God's people were to gather at the tabernacle.

Before God introduces these festival days they were to observe, notice what He says in verse 3. "Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of ...

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