LEPROSY! (4 OF 10)

by Jerry Vines

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Leprosy! (4 of 10)
Jerry Vines
Leviticus 13-15

This is a surprising book. We are finding some rather interesting truth here.

Tonight the subject is going to be a rather gruesome one. It's going to be the subject of leprosy. That's what these chapters are about.

Remember that God is speaking to the children of Israel through Moses and Aaron. The Lord is giving them instructions and direction as they are getting ready to begin the worship of God in that Old Testament tabernacle.

We are looking at chapters 11 through 15 what were called the purity laws for the Children of Israel in the Old Testament. He gives us a wide scope of instructions.

For instance, he discusses matters of diet. He told them what foods were kosher and what foods were not kosher. He also talked about the matter of contact with death. In addition to that, he talked about the matter of the birthing of children. All of these things were involved in purity laws.

Now he takes up the subject of disease. One of the things we learn from this is that God is interested in the health of His people. God is interested in our well-being. That's why He talks about matters of diet and the importance of proper eating. That's why He discusses matters of disease.

He takes up the subject of disease in a rather graphic way because He deals with what might be called the AIDS of the Old Testament time. Leprosy! That word is a reference to a variety of skin diseases in the Old Testament. But the killer plague of leprosy He deals with in particular in chapter 13 and 14 is undoubtedly the disease of leprosy which was the most feared disease of Old Testament and New Testament times as far as that is concerned.

Chapter 15 talks about the discharge of bodily fluids. We used to read these kinds of things in the Old Testament and not pay a whole lot of attention to them. Now, we have come to understand that a great deal of disease can be transferred by means of bodily fluids. We ...

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