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God Wants You Healthy and Holy (3 of 10)
Series: Leviticus
Jerry Vines
Leviticus 11-12

This really stumped me when I started trying to read through the whole Bible. I got to the book of Leviticus, and I just got so confused about it all I just gave up.

We are looking at the book of Leviticus, and as we do we are seeing that God is setting up the basis for fellowship with Him. The opening chapters, about the first 17 chapters, have to do with our relationship to God. Our relationship to God is on the basis of sacrifice. They couldn't approach God apart from a sacrifice and a priest who would offer that sacrifice on an altar. You and I approach God on the basis of the sacrifice of the death of our Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary. He who is not only the sacrifice, but the high priest who offered the sacrifice, was nailed on that cross. He paid the price for all of our sins and on the basis of that sacrifice, the shedding of His blood, we can have a relationship with God.

This is what we are talking about.

In the opening chapters we talked about the different kind of sacrifices. Last week we saw some specific instructions about the priests and what their requirements were and what their qualifications would be and what their activities were to be.

Now, in chapter 11 he moves from the priests to the people in general. Verse 2 says, ''Speak unto the children of Israel.'' Then all the way through chapter 11 to chapter 15 he gives to the children of Israel the purity laws. They are laws that have to do with diet, the kind of food they were to eat or couldn't eat. They are the laws that had to do with contact with dead carcasses. They are the laws that had to do with childbirth. They are the laws that had to do with diseases such as leprosy.

That's what you find here. These are the purity laws.

I want to show you the keys to these chapters. Look at verse 44 of chapter 11. ''For I am the Lord your God, ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves (sep ...

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