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Strange Fire! (2 of 10)
Jerry Vines
Leviticus 8-10

The book of Leviticus has two main divisions in it. The first 17 chapters go together. The word I would attach to those chapters is the word "sacrifice." Beginning in chapter 18 to the conclusion of the book, those chapters hang together. The word I would use there would be the word "separation." The chapters that have to do with sacrifice have to do with the subject of our relationship to God and how we can have a relationship to God. It is clear in these chapters that we have a relationship with God on the basis of sacrifice and the shedding of blood. The only way we can come into the presence of a holy God is on the basis of a substitute offering and the blood of that offering being applied by faith to our hearts. Sacrifice! Relationship!

The second great division is separation, and it has to do with the subject of fellowship. How we who have been brought into a relationship with God on the basis of sacrifice can now have fellowship with a holy God.

Last Wednesday night we took up a summary study of the first seven chapters. These chapters have to do with the sacrifices, the offerings that were specified that had to be made. You have in these seven chapters the requirements for those offerings. It goes into those details. It has the regulations for how these offerings are to be carried out. God is very specific. He tells us exactly how it has to be done. They had to follow those guidelines to the letter.

Tonight we are going to look at the priesthood. We are going to look at the people who were selected to administer these sacrifices. You come to the subject of the priesthood.

The children of Israel had three anointed groups of individuals. Their kings were anointed. Their prophets were anointed, and their priests were anointed.

Let me give you the difference between a prophet and a priest. A prophet was someone who presented God to the people. He came and spoke God's wor ...

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