by Jerry Vines

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Bringing An Offering (1 of 10)
Jerry Vines
Leviticus 1 - 7

We are going to cover the first seven chapters of Leviticus tonight. I'm going to just cover the high spots. I'm going to top the trees for you.

I remember quite well the first time I encountered the book of Leviticus. It was one of those times when I had committed myself to read all the way through the Bible. I started in the book of Genesis and did pretty good. I struggled some, but I got through it okay. Then I moved to the book of Exodus. I did all right in the book of Exodus. It was hard, but I made it through. Then I came to the book of Leviticus. I read that book and went through all of the details, and it was so complicated and involved and foreign to my thoughts as a young person. It was so dull and uninteresting that I finally quit in utter frustration. That was my first experience with the book of Leviticus. I daresay there are those of you who have had the same experience.

Properly understood, the book of Leviticus may be the most thrilling book in the Old Testament.

It says in verse 2, "Speak unto the children of Israel." It's addressed to the Hebrew people.

You say, "That's the people in the Old Testament. We are in the New Testament. Why are we interested in that? In addition, I remember you put a model of the tabernacle, pastor, down here in front of us. That showed us all of the altars and different pieces of furniture and then you said to us that according to the book of Hebrews, all of this in the book of Leviticus has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. If it has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ and we no longer observe and do all of these things, why bother? Why waste our time with studying something like that?"

When you go to the New Testament you will discover that the book of Leviticus is referred to more than any book in the Old Testament, as far as I know. It is referred to 400 times in the New Testament. Really, there are truths taught in the Ne ...

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