by Ken Trivette

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The Only One That Should Be Number One (2 of 11)
The Perfect Ten for a Whole Life (Ten Commandments)
Ken Trivette
Exodus 20:1-3, Ecclesiastes 12:13

1. The Reality of God That Is Declared
A) The Fact of God’s Existence
B) The Fact of God’s Exclusiveness

2. The Redemption by God That Is Described
A) The Purpose of God’s Activity
B) The Power of God’s Ability

3. The Rival to God That Is Denounced
A) The god’s that Are To be Dethroned
B) The God Who is to be Enthroned

A man purchased a statue of Christ at an auction and placed it on his desk in the den. A few days later his wife moved the statue to a table in the living room. The man was taking it back to the den when his little girl asked, “Where are you going to put God now?”

In the first commandment of the Ten Commandments we are told where we are to put God. God says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” God is saying that He and He alone, is to have first place in our life.

God desires to have first place in our life. He longs for us to submit to Him and allow Him to sit upon the throne of our heart. He is Lord, but He wants us to personally make Him Lord of our life. He asks us to give Him first allegiance in our life.

Because of whom He is and what He has done for us, He deserves to be first in our life. He deserves nothing less. To give Him anything less is to show our ingratitude and our lack of love for Him.

As we consider this first commandment we see that God demands first place in our life. He will not share the throne of our heart. He will not play second fiddle. He will not accept being prominent in our life. He asks and demands the preeminence in our life.

In our first study we laid a foundation for our study of the Ten Commandments by looking at them as a whole. In this study, I want to begin looking at the Ten Commandments one by one. As we saw in our first study, keeping the commandments of God is the secret to a whole life. As S ...

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