by Jerry Vines

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How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (2 of 4)
Series: Heaven
Jerry Vines
2 Corinthians 12:1-4

Twenty-two years ago, about this time of year, our family was getting ready to make a move to Jacksonville, Florida. We were moving to a place where we had never been before. The staff in the church gathered together a variety of materials. They got some brochures which told us a little bit about Jacksonville. They sent us information about the schools where our young people could attend. They told us about residential areas and various places you could live in the city. We learned everything we could possibly learn about Jacksonville, Florida, because very soon we were going to be making a move and we were going to live here.

The Bible says that all who have received the Lord Jesus as their Savior, all who have been born again, all who are saved, are going to a wonderful, wonderful place called heaven when this life is over. The Bible says it is going to be an eternal place. We are going to be there forever. Isn't it reasonable to suppose then that we would want to know everything we could possibly know about a place where we're going and where we're going to be forever?

There are many people who have had near-death experiences and they have described them. They have written books about them, and they have appeared on television programs. They have discussed, in great length, what they saw and encountered and what they experienced when they went to heaven.

The apostle Paul had a vision of heaven, and yet you will discover that he is exactly opposite from those today who have a great deal to say about their visit to heaven. While they are very descriptive of what they saw (and by the way, many of the things these people say about near death experiences and their vision of heaven are in contradiction to what the Bible has to say), but whereas they are very vocal about it, Paul says that he saw some things up there. He says in verse 4, ''I heard unspeakable words, w ...

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