by Stan Coffey

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How to Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (5 of 7)
Overcoming Indecision
Stan Coffey
James 1:5

Today I ant us to have a brief Bible study in James chapter 1. I want to speak today about “Overcoming Indecision.” Do you ever make a decision and then second-guess it immediately? And say, oh, did I do the right thing; maybe I should have done this instead of this. Maybe I should not have made that commitment. And you begin to doubt. James said you are like a ship tossed by the waves or you are like a reed blown by the wind. And you change in a commitment that you have made. One of the greatest sources of stress to us is the stress of the indecision, not being able to make a firm decision, a firm commitment, have a firm direction and stay with it. And part of becoming a mature Christian is understanding the importance of making a decision and staying with it. Becoming mature in your perspective and seeing things from the perspective of God.

So if you are to overcome indecision I want to give you four or five things that you might write down. And this is from the New Testament perspective from several verses here in James chapter one.


So the first principle in overcoming indecision is ask God for wisdom. We said last time to consult the Lord, to pray to know the will of God. And James says that when you are faced with a decision to make, ask God because God will not find fault with you.

If you have little children or little grandchildren or if you teach Sunday School and teach little children you know how they ask you the same question over and over and over again. I tell you nothing could be more distracting, nothing could be more upsetting than to have the same question asked when you have answered the question ten million times. And you are on a trip and they keep asking you the same thing. And sometimes, we as parents loose our patience and we speak sharply to our children. And we don’t want them to as ...

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