by Stan Coffey

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How to Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise (4 of 7)
How to Make Good Decisions
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 28:26

I want us to turn to Proverbs 28 and we are going to be looking at several passages in Proverbs. You remember that Solomon was given the opportunity by God to ask for one thing. God said you are going to be the King of the greatest nation on earth; I will give you anything you want. Ask for one thing and I will grant that request. And Solomon asked for wisdom. And out of the heart of Solomon we have the Proverbs inspired by the Spirit of God through him and we really have God's book for successful living. Proverbs is God's manual for life's success. And the principles for success were written long before any of the modern day manuals on success. There were written in ancient times by the most successful business man, the most successful government leader, the most successful person that we know anything about, the wealthiest man in all the world named Solomon. And from that book today we are going to look at "How to Make Good Decisions." Because decision-making is a part of daily life, everyday we make all kinds of decisions. These decisions have consequences that affect our lives. Some decisions are trivial like what TV program to watch. Other decisions are more important like whom shall I marry, what college shall I attend, should I leave this job and go to another. But all of us face decisions in life. Now decisions are difficult for some people and they seem to be easier for others. Some people can make snap decisions and it doesn't bother them. Now for other people, just looking at a menu is a major crisis. And so decisions are something we have to learn to make because our life is determined by the choices we make. Life is a series of choices. And our choices not only affect us in this life in our happiness and success, but also in the life to come. Because Jesus taught that our choices determine our destiny. And so the first passag ...

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