by Stan Coffey

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How to Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (1 of 7)
How to Be Prepared for Life's Problems
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 4:7-8

If I were to tell you that you could have anything that you want, that God would come down to you and say, I have been watching your life, you deserve a break today. You can have anything you want, you can have one wish. What would you wish for? Would it be to win the lottery? Well, for a lot of people it would. Would it be to have perfect health, would it be to have a new body? A new husband, a new wife? A lifetime supply of Hagen Daaz? There is no telling what some of you would wish for if God gave you one wish. It would be interesting to find out what you would wish for.

Well, there is a man in the Bible to whom God said I will grant you one request, ask anything of Me that you want and I will grant that request and do it for you. And the man asked for wisdom. He asked that God would make him wise. And God said, congratulations Solomon, you have asked for the key that unlocks all the doors to all my blessing, to all the happiness and joy that I intended life abundant to be on this earth for those of who follow Me. Solomon said God I want you to give me wisdom. As I am the King over Israel following my father, David, I want you to grant me insight and wisdom. And because he asked for this, God blessed him with many, many other things. And the book of Proverbs looks at the things that we confront in our daily life. It looks at family and career and success and failure and aging and conflict. So let's look at Proverbs 4:7-8 and talk about the message, "How To Be Prepared For Life's Problems", "How To Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise." Notice what it says.

Now it has been suggested and rightly so, that whenever the Bible mentions wisdom in the book of Proverbs, you can substitute the name Christ and you can put the name Christ there and it will make sense to you in New Testament age on the other side of the cross and the res ...

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