by David Cawston

Overcome in 2001
David Cawston
Revelation 3:21; I John 5:1-5


The sermon title has just one main word in it. Overcoming, helping you to be an overcomer today, tomorrow, this coming year, this decade, and the rest of your life. Are you an overcomer? I mean honestly, honestly, are you an overcomer? Or are you just simply trying to hang on to a little victory. Are you like that lady who said I can overcome anything but temptation. Now there are a lot of folks like that, I mean they talk a lot about being overcomers, but they are not overcomers, they are overcome. They are not victors, they are victims, and they do not live a life of continuous, perpetual victory and overcoming.

An overcoming Christian is not a super Christian he is a normal Christian. The Christian who is not overcoming is a sub-normal Christian. It is God's plan. It is God's blueprint for you this day and the rest of your life, become an overcomer. Now, let me talk to you about three very simple facts. And yet, these simple facts have tremendous import for us if we're going to live in the future. And I can assure you that I am speaking to me as I speak to you. As we face a new year and a new decade, there are three things I would lay on your heart.

Life is filled with struggles.

There is not a human that does not have struggles. Struggles with finances. Struggles with relationships. Struggles with children. Struggles at work. Struggles with sickness.

Jesus declared to all in John 16:33
"In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world."

They were not His idea. They were part of the agenda of Satan

John 10:10
"..he came to steal, kill, and destroy."

We were born on a battlefield. But we did not have to become victims, instead we could become victors.

He challenged us as believer to understand that with all the difficulties and tribulations of the world He did not intend for us to be overco ...

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