by Stan Coffey

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Armageddon: Cosmic Battle of the Ages (11 of 12)
Armageddon from Daniel's Point of View
Stan Coffey
Daniel 2:41-43

In the days ahead there will be an article about Dr. LaHaye and Dr. Jenkins and about the phenomenon of the Left Behind series which has sold over 40 million copies. No other Christian book has sold that many copies. And I think that in itself is a sign of the last days, that there is that much interest in the end times. That at 40 million copies of a book on the theme of the end times has sold that many copies. And that is a sign that people are aware of the times in which we live and they want to know more about it. And they asked me why do you think this book as sold so many copies and I said it is because people have always wanted to know the future. People are curious about what is going to happen in the future. Whether they call the psychic hotline or whether they look into the book of Revelation or whether they go to a fortuneteller, people have always wanted to know about the future and particularly what the future holds for them. If they can read a book and find something out about the future, then they will want to read that book. And of course they know instinctively that the bible is the most reliable place to find out about the future. And they know that Left Behind is based on the bible. And so I think the last book, the book that just came out, "The Glorious Appearing of Christ" will sell more than any other. And we will do a study on the glorious appearing before too long.
Now, this morning we want to look at the book of Daniel as we continue to talk about Armageddon, the Cosmic Battle of the Ages between good and evil. But we want to look at it now from Daniel's point of view. We have been looking at it mainly from the Revelation point of view, but we need to look at it from Daniel's point of view. Daniel's point of view would be from the Jewish point of view.
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