by Stan Coffey

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Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages (10 of 12)
The Bible Teaching of Armageddon
Stan Coffey
Revelation 16:14-16

Where in the Bible does the Bible teach about Armageddon? We are going to be speaking simply and plainly so that everybody can understand exactly what we are talking about. One of the places and probably the key scripture in the entire Bible about Armageddon is Revelation 16. In fact, this is the place where we get the term Armageddon.
Did you know that demons could perform miraculous signs? Not all miracles are of the Lord, that the devil also has miraculous power that is why in the book of I John the Bible says, "we are to test the spirits whether they be of God or no." Because scripture teaches in the last days, that the Antichrist will also have the power to perform miracles and perform signs. So just because a thing is miraculous doesn't mean it is of the Lord. And in the last days these spirits of demons will be performing miraculous signs to deceive the world.
Notice the great day of God Almighty because that is a term used throughout scripture both in the old and New Testament. There is a warning from Christ Himself, he is coming like a thief and that is unexpectedly, suddenly, when you least expect it. Stay awake, one who is alert, who is always ready, who is always dressed in righteousness so that he is not naked and unprepared, so that his sin is not exposed.
"They" refers to the spirits of demons. The demons gathered the kings together. Armageddon is a place, Armageddon is a battle, Armageddon is also a war, and it is all three of these as we are going to see.


Now I want us to consider first the prophecy of Armageddon. The Bible predicts a great battle in the final days of the great tribulation. What is the great tribulation? Let's break down the tribulation first of all. The tribulation is a period of seven years that follows the disappearance of the church from thi ...

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