by Jerry Vines

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Christmas Forever (4 of 4)
Series: Christmas Is Christ
Hebrews 1
Jerry Vines

Would you like to have Christmas forever? We are going to talk about it this morning.

Probably some of you are saying that you are glad Christmas is over. We had it. It's done and I'm glad we are moving on. There may be others of you who say it was so wonderful and you had a great Christmas. You wish we could have Christmas forever. Boys and girls especially enjoy Christmas. Others do not enjoy it as well because at Christmas time it reminds them of happy days of the past and how those memories have gone by. Unfortunately, in some families, when Christmas comes, all of the tension and turmoil begin to surface. So some people are glad Christmas is over. But for boys and girls and the presents and those kinds of things, they would like for it to go on all the time.

What was your favorite present this Christmas, boys and girls? Children can be brutally honest when it comes to things like that. I read a story about a child who was supposed to write a thank you letter for the Christmas present from his aunt. Here's what he wrote. ''Dear Aunt Sarah, Thank you for the Christmas present you sent me. The present you sent me for Christmas was almost as good as the one I really wanted.''

Children can be honest about the matter, can't they? One year my father-in-law, Mr. Denny, gave our oldest boy, Jim, a drum set. Jim was about 5 or 6 at the time. All Christmas afternoon he was having a big time with that drum set. He was beating on it and doing everything he knew to do. Before the afternoon was over he just jumped in the thing and tore it all to pieces. I was rather glad that he did. Some Christmas presents we really don't want to last forever.

But when you really understand the meaning and message of Christmas and really know what Christmas is all about, the truth of the matter is, Christmas is actually forever.

One of the greatest Christmas verses in all of the Bible is John ...

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