by Jerry Vines

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A Christmas Secret (3 of 4)
Christmas Is Christ
Jerry Vines
Colossians 1:15-17,20,27

Do you like secrets? I like secrets. When I was in elementary school my father drove a bread truck for Merita Bread Company. They had the Long Ranger Club. I was a member of that club. I had the secret password. I had my silver bullet. I had a map which would lead you to the secret silver mine. I was a member of a secret club, the Long Ranger Club.

When I got a little bit older we formed a club at school which we called the Secret Club. Things were going quite good in our Secret Club until my friend, Larry, had to get kicked out because he couldn't keep a secret.

I have always loved secrets. Most of us are pretty good at keeping secrets. It takes quite a few of us to keep it, but most of us are pretty good at keeping secrets. The secrets that are especially enjoyable to me are Christmas secrets. Sometimes people have secrets which they do not reveal until Christmas. Maybe it is a secret engagement. You get the family together at Christmas time and share the secret that you are engaged. Or it may be there is a baby on the way and when you get the family together at Christmas time you tell them there is a new baby coming. You have told a secret. Or it may that at Christmas time you have a special gift. It is a secret gift that you've been hiding. You have been trying to keep the news from the person you are giving it to. It is a Christmas secret.

I have never been real good at keeping secrets. So if you have a secret you probably better not tell me. I might tell it to somebody else. But I want to share with you a Christmas secret which is really a secret which God wants the whole world to know. I want to talk to you about the meaning of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the secret which God had for the world in the birth of our Lord.

In these four Sunday mornings in the month of December I have been sharing with you the four major passages in the New Testament ...

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