by Jerry Vines

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Christmas Is Heaven's Idea (1 of 4)
Series: Christmas Is Christ
Jerry Vines
John 1:1-5, 14,18

Some have said that John chapter 1 is the most profound page in the entire New Testament. We will look at these verses.

The Christmas grinches are working overtime to take Christ out of Christmas. Let me read you a few things. The New York Board of Education has prohibited any display of a nativity scene in New York City schools. They allow the Jewish menorah and the Islam star of crescent, but there can be no nativity scene displayed.

In Frederick County, Maryland, a school employee was barred from handing out Christmas messages with a Christmas message.

In Tupelo, Mississippi, elementary school students were led to chant celebrate Kwanza, but permitted to sing Christmas carols only after school officials removed any reference to Jesus Christ.

In Covington, Georgia, the ACLU filed suit against the public school district there because its calendar designated December 25 as Christmas, thus advancing a religion.

The Little Rock, Arkansas, City Council changed its annual parade from the Christmas parade to the Holiday Parade, so as not to offend non-religious people or those of other faiths. I hope nobody tells them that holiday means holy day. But that's beside the point.

My friend, Mat Staver, who is head of Liberty Counsel has promised to sue any government entity which dares to discriminate against Christians in the display of religious symbols or singing religious songs at Christmas time. I applaud Mr. Staver and his group for this.

The truth of the matter is you may try, but you really can't take Christ out of Christmas. To try to take Christ out of Christmas is like trying to take heat out of fire, or wet out of water, or oxygen out of air, or notes out of music. You can't really take Christ out of Christmas. The truth of the matter is that some do leave Christ out of Christmas. They have all of the trappings and all of the other things ab ...

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