by Jesse Hendley

The Redemption of the Body
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to Romans 8, and we want to speak to you on The Redemption of Our Bodies at the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul says, "We ourselves also (Christians) who have the firstfruits of the Spirit groan within ourselves, waiting for our Adoption, that is, the Redemption of our body." Waiting expectantly for the redemption of our BODIES!

The Bible has much to say about our bodies, and we ought to know what God has to say. Sometimes we live as though we are going to be in these bodies forever, but we are not. I reminded you in a previous message that in our PRESENT state, from birth to death, we have a mind and spirit within the body. The INTERMEDIATE state begins at death for the believer. The instant death comes, the mind and spirit are with the LORD. The body is taken yonder to the cemetery and put in a grave, but the believer hasn't lost anything; he is with the Lord. When the unsaved dies, his soul drops into hell and a few hours later friends put his body in a grave. His mind and spirit, his real personality, are in that lost world. It is a very solemn thing, friends. At death THE CHRISTIAN goes to be with the LORD, but the unsaved in his eternal state is separated from the Lord. That is the teaching of the Bible.

At the Return of Jesus into the air (the Rapture of the Church), the Lord Jesus will raise the bodies of Christians and reunite spirits and bodies. This is the First resurrection. A perfect body, a perfect mind, and perfect spirit, forever with the Lord.

The unsaved? Jesus will have reigned a thousand years, in a period of time called "The Millenium." Then Jesus will speak and the bodies of the unsaved will be raised from the dead. Their minds and spirits will come streaming up from that lost world of hell, and will be reunited with their bodies and be cast into the Lake of Fire, where God says they will be tormented w ...

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