by Jesse Hendley

The Rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and Its Significance
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 24:15

I want to talk to you today about the Middle East crisis in the light of the Word of God and its prophecies.

Last evening I heard a most interesting discussion by a group of news correspondents from the Middle East, men who know, who were there and saw what was going on in the Arab-Israeli war. It is interesting to note that you never hear anybody in all the news coming back to the Bible to see exactly what the Bible has to say. These gentlemen were discussing whether there will be peace between the Arabs and the Israelis in the Middle East. One gentleman said that the Arabs' hatred for Israel is IMPERISHABLE. Those were his very words. There is a tremendous hatred in the hearts of the Arab people against Israel and they will not sit down at the peace table with the nation of Israel to try to make peace. The Arabs have one desire, in spite of the fact they've been defeated three times in war with Israel, and that is THE EXTERMINATION of the nation of Israel! They want to get rid of Israel entirely. The same thing that Hitler tried to do, the Arabs want to do.

On the other hand, in thinking about Israel, the correspondents who were from Israel say that Israel will not rely on anybody, but on her own strength, and that she is not going to give up her conquests now even if the United Nations seek to put pressure on her or on any other nation outside of the United Nations.

So these news correspondents see only a permanent stand-off; that is, that this problem of Arab hatred for the Jews is insoluble, insolvable, and the conflict between Israel and the Arabs for many years is inevitable.

This is very interesting in the light of the Word of God, for THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS, and these men did not arrive at it from the Bible. They arrived at it from being on the scene and weighing the situation as they see it in the current facts. Now this is a tremen ...

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