by Jesse Hendley

The Privilege of Prayer
Jesse M. Hendley
Genesis 18 & 19

"Our Father, we thank You today for this holy privilege of coming into Thy Presence, through prayer. We know, Lord, that there is no other way we can come but through the Blood of Jesus. We thank You, Lord, for the Blood that has paved the way into Thy Presence for us, gained access to Thee. We thank Thee for the Word of God that assures us of Thy love, of Thy con-cern, of Thy care, and that You invite us to come. And then we thank You, Lord, for the privilege of praying. God, how we have neglected prayer in our lives, the great neglect! How our loved ones have suffered, how our own lives have suffered, the world has suffered because we have not prayed! And yet, Lord, You are shouting out, constantly, in the Word of God that the greatest thing on earth that we can do, that we MUST do, is to pray. Our Father, we pray to Thee what the disciples of old said to Jesus: 'Teach us to pray.' We ask it in Your holy Name and for Your sake. Amen."

Prayer, friends! Prayer is such an important thing.

If you have your Bibles now, turn with me to Genesis 18 and 19. One of the statements Jesus made to His own disciples was, "Arise and pray." Pray! Get about this business of PRAYING!

You know, there's power in prayer. We all say, "Sure," and we go back to sleep, you know. People nod in the church pews when the preacher says there is power in prayer. But how many of us have experienced that power in our lives? How many of us have a prayer life?

In order to pray, we must have a desire for prayer. In order to have a desire for prayer, we must realize our NEED and the need of our loved ones and the need of those around about us; we must have stimulants to pray. Nobody in the world is going to shut himself in to pray without some stimulation to prayer.

We must take time to pray. We must TAKE TIME. That's all we hear today: "We don't have TIME." We'd BETTER have it. We'd better take it. The person who hasn't ...

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