by Jesse Hendley

The Preciousness of Souls
Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 22:12

We ought to be engaged in the business of SOUL-WINNING, the greatest business in all the world! The Lord Jesus said, "Occupy till I come." Carry on My business until I come again! This business of winning souls to Christ is the greatest business in all the world, and EVERY CHRISTIAN should be doing this wonderful, wonderful business. In fact, we should be ZEALOUS to do His will.

God's Word speaks of ZEAL. Jesus was zealous, energetic, enthusiastic, for God and for the Gospel. The Apostle Paul was so zealous that he could wish himself accursed from Christ if he could only win his kinsmen, his countrymen, who had rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. We NEED today ZEAL, zeal of the right sort, zeal for Christ, zeal for souls, zeal for God's Word. Somebody has said that many of us are so afraid of "doing some harm" that we are "not doing much good." That is exactly so. We can become so absorbed in our own selves and in our own condition that we will not be GIVING OUT to others. But if we are right in our own hearts and give ourselves to God and to souls and to winning them to the Lord, that is a healthy attitude and we'll find that our own souls are close to God.

Our souls automatically walk with God when we are engaged fully in the activity of soul-winning. When we are men and women of prayer, staying in the Book and staying after souls, we can't get very far off the track. You can't win souls to Christ and be corrupt in heart and soul and have sin abiding and unconfessed. Soul winners are people who SEARCH themselves, who stay right with God, and the Blood keeps on cleansing them from all sin. They stay close to the Lord, keep short accounts with God. They are zealous for the Lord. And if you and I are zealous for souls, there will be blessing!

How in the world can the Kingdom come if we are NOT ZEALOUS for Christ and souls? In this day when people think that attending church once in a while will ...

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