by Jesse Hendley

The Outpouring of God's Spirit
Jesse M. Hendley
Joel 2:28-29

(A Message Concerning Preachers)

Now if you have your Bibles, friends, you may turn with me to Joel, chapter 2, verses 28 and 29, where we are studying about the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God said, "I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh."

We have studied about the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit, which means GOD coming into the HUMAN HEART, God coming into the human race, God manifesting Himself richly to men, God possessing the minds, bodies and souls of people who will LET Him come in, making our very personalities His Dwelling Place. Then real revival comes. We raised the question, "What happens, when God pours out His Spirit?"

We found out first of all what happens to a PREACHER. It is something very wonderful. He rejoices in his own personal salvation; Christ is very real to him; he knows he is saved; he has the wonderful assurance of salvation flooding his heart; he knows His blessed Lord! It is a wonderful thing for a man of God to have that clear-cut knowledge of his salvation and of the Lord Jesus. THE SPIRIT OF GOD is the One Who makes Jesus REAL to the preacher's heart. Being a minister, my heart really craves and wants more than anything else this wonderful experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

The second thing that happens to a preacher is that he will rejoice that he is a servant of God; he will rejoice in the service of the LORD; he will feel that he has been given the greatest job in all the world, has the greatest work that the world knows anything about, the work of truly serving the Living God! There isn't anything greater than to serve, to wait on GOD. I have been amazed so many times at this thing, that God not only saved me, but gave me the PRIVILEGE of being one of his servants!

You know, being on the radio daily for many years, there were times when I did not have time to prepare my Sunday sermons. I would come to Saturday night and still n ...

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