by Jesse Hendley

The Only Way to Get Rid of Sin
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 3:23

If you have your Bibles, friends, turn with me to Romans 3:23. We are taking up today "The Only Way to Get Rid of Sin." Someone may be, saying today, "I am not interested in getting rid of my sin." You are not kidding me, because no man wants to burn his ownhouse down on his own head. That is what a man does who goes on in SIN. No man wants to commit suicide, and that is what a man does who goes on in SIN.In Romans 3:23 God says we are ALL afflicted with this awful disease. "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

Now in thinking of the fact that we all have sinned and the only remedy for sin, I think the best illustration of HOW to get rid of our sins is found in the story of Naaman the Syrian, in Second Kings 5. Damascus was a great city back in those days. It was a city in Syria. I want you to see this man, Naaman. He was a tremendous man. He was not a little man. Here was an army on holiday parade, riding down the streets of Damascus. The bands are playing and the flags are flying and the crowds are thronging the streets. Little children are up on the arms of their parents as the army comes marching by from some great victory.

At the very head of the parade is General Naaman! He rides along on his beautiful horse, sitting upright and receiving the plaudits of the crowds. They are cheering, "General Naaman! General Naaman!" This man has everything you'd think would make a man happy. He has power. He has distinction. He has honor. He has wealth. We read in the Bible that Naaman was a great man honorable, a man of valor, the commander-in-chief of the armies of Syria. But, this man with all his honor and distinction and power and wealth and glory, was UNHAPPY. The Bible says that Naaman was A LEPER.

There is nothing more pitiable, friends, than a leper.He couldn't go in the house with his loved ones. He had to dwell absolutely alone. He had to cr ...

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