by Jesse Hendley

The Love of God
Jesse M. Hendley
First John 4:17-21

Today my subject is "Walking with God in the Love of God." The greatest book in all the world on LOVE is the Bible. The greatest, most heart-warming truth in the Bible is the truth of the love of God. There are many great statements in the Bible about love. Paul's words in I Corinthians 13 are some of the greatest. I do not know of a clearer, more searching, and more blessed revelation about love than is presented in this wonderful chapter. We need it, need to study it, need to live it. However, to my own soul, I John 4:7-21 is the sweetest, most glorious and comforting revelation from God about His heart of love toward us than is found in any literature I have ever seen.

The word love is found 8 times in I Corinthians 13 and is used 23 times in I John 4.

One of the amazing truths we find in our study of the Bible is how God used men He chose to write His words. He used the great Apostle Paul to write some of His greatest thoughts in thirteen different books and how our lives are enriched every time we pore over those words given him by the Holy Spirit. However, God appointed for the Apostle of Love, John, the disciple whom JESUS loved, and to whom Jesus gave the greatest honor of any human being "to lean on His breast" at the Lord's supper. This human being JESUS loved above every other human being because this man loved Jesus more than any other. No one can resist real love, not even the God-man, Christ, Who is Love. I say Godgave to John the one nearer to His heart, the one with a heart of love more like His than any other, the immense privilege to write the greatest revelation of love found in the world.

In John 13:1 we read about the LOVE OF JESUS, "having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end (endlessly), Christ's love is endless. He doesn't stop loving us because of what we are or do. Love is His character, not something He does, but what He is. He ...

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